Dairy Queens of Lima, Ohio!

September & October Blizzards of the Month are Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie!

November Blizzard of the Month is
Pumpkin Pie and Peanut Butter Cup


Blizzard in a Waffle Cone! Smoothies & Orange Julius! Waffle Bowl Sundaes!        

Now serving:
Waffle Bowls and Cones,
ombo Meals,
Orange Julius Drinks,

(Combos and waffle cones/bowls are available at both Shawnee Road and Allentown Road locations. 
Orange Julius drinks/Smoothies will be available at Shawnee Road location only initially.)


Shawnee Store:
Check out the new landscaping
at our delightful and spacious
outdoor eating area!

Allentown Store:
Check out our building "facelift" and
enjoy our picnic area under the trees!


Contact Information - call us and visit us often!

Shawnee DQ
(419) 991-8199
2805 Shawnee Road
Lima, Ohio 45806
Shawnee Menu (printable PDF)

Spring/Fall Hours
Monday-Saturday 10:30am-9:30pm
Sunday Noon-9:30pm
Summer Hours Open Until 10:00pm

Allentown DQ
(419) 224-4926
1225 Allentown Road
Lima, Ohio 45805
Allentown Menu (printable PDF)

  • Spring/Fall Hours
    Monday-Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm
    Sunday Noon-9:00pm
    Summer Hours Open Until 9:30pm